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What does it mean to simultaneously honor the feminine self,

the role of mothering

and also commune with the Muse?


Welcome to FeMail Art where mail art, sisterhood and visual conversations happen.


I feel like this. Often.

I feel like this. Often.

What personalities do you have as a mother?

Are there hours when you are fully yourself and other hours you channel Lucille Ball as Lucy?
For me, there are hours when I am Glinda the Good Witch and others when I am a SheBear roused from a winter slumber. There are days when I feel great with my matching socks elegant frock and jubilant frantic mood, when I am on-time and out of my pjs dressed and underwater capable.

Motherhood presses my buttons…

all of them, not all at once, but let me be honest, there are days when I recognize myself as the calm, centered, happy person I am, and other days when other personalities are in residence.

On Thursday at the Museum of Motherhood in Manhattan, I will be playing with Pippa and Penny Best of The Story of Mum in a FeMail Art workshop making
Mama Mash-Up Mail Art. Following this exciting hands-on art experience, we will have the inaugural reading of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice with live readings by Lori Landau, Cheryl Paley, Joanne Tombrakos and myself.


Mama Mash-Ups at the Story of Mum


who else are you Mama?



Penny and Pippa Best of The Story of Mum







You will be able to buy copies of the book, perfect gifts for the mothers in your life, for women who create or women who dream of creating. Mandy Steward of Messy Canvas said:

“I think it would make a perfect gift for a baby shower. But it’s also the kind of book you send to the dear kindred mommas in your life when they feel like they’re losing themselves in the midst of mothering and longing for permission to artistically express their wavering emotions and the messiness of it all.”


One-of-a-kind FeMail Collage-a-Day kits will be available also. Oh come on. FeMail art. International bloggers. Authors who are real women making real lives and art from those lives. This is gonna be a blast.

Right now my heart is jumping out of my chest beating with joy as I type these words, eager frantic to get this work done before I make order out dinner.

Please do come. Please bring your girl friends.
Please know that your voice, your creative spark is alive and well and will sustain you in the dark hours of this season of panic good cheer.




Suzi…sometimes Lucy, sometimes the She Bear…always me


P.S. This event is free. The Motherhood Museum is on East 84th Street in Manhattan. The link includes a map. Please help share the word.

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