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Summer Time Mail: Wish You Were Here

Posted: August 27th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: events, Mailroom, Uncategorized, Workshops | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on Summer Time Mail: Wish You Were Here

A great mail day at my house!

Karen and I are avid summer travelers.

Even our art travels.

You can see our Sketchbook Project submissions in a traveling exhibit here. If you are in Santa Fe or Saint Louis, Brooklyn or Wichita, you can find this exhibit and ask for our work by our names. They send us a little note when people see our books on this tour.


Suzi to Karen Spruce Lake July 2013

Our postal art arrives from our travel destinations and this summer was particularly busy for each of us. I think I have spent about half the summer in other places. Along with our travels, we did some very fun things together too.


Suzi FeMail to Karen June 2013

In June, we were in Pooja Roo’s Rites of Passage in Pittsfield.

Rites of Passage bathroom SBB

Then, Karen and I made paste papers with Joy Seidler in Holliston, MA in July.

Karen at Holliston
Paste Paper Pathway
We have not laid eyes on each other in August though our mail art keeps us connected.

Here is a card I got from Karen this summer. She made it from a napkin used at my son’s graduation party.


Karen's Card to me June 2013

How about you? Get any good mail this summer?

We have stories aplenty this fall. Stories of our travels, outdoor art making, a discovery I made of many of the postcards I sent my Mom from a period of over 40 years. (That’s right, I started sending my Mom mail when I was a baby…)
In September we will present Art and Story as Deep Connection: a workshop at Alchemy Initiative coming up on Saturday the 28th at the
Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, MA. Register here. We’d love to make art and connection with you this fall!


xo Suzi