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“Fe-Mail” is the collaboration between Karen Arp Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum, 2 women artists living in the mountains along the state line between New York and Massachusetts. We began sending collage post cards to each other in February 2007, exploring many themes of common interest- the feminine figure, mandalas, the Divine Feminine, our yoga practices, poetry and inspirations borne in our women’s Moon Circle.

As artists, our mantra is “Art is not separate”.


While creating our collage post cards we experiment with a myriad of mixed media techniques from hand painted paper, printing with hand cut linoleum blocks or other natural objects like poppy seed heads. Fresh explorations spring up from Karen’s weekly studio collage classes, where she encourages the use of found materials like scraps of paper that run through our hands every day.
The post cards are not only works of art, but personal diaries filled with details of our lives. Karen and I travel with our families often, we travel together, with our Moon Circle, and on our own. We always bring images from our journeys in to our post cards.  Our “Fe-Mail” art illuminates our friendship and all we have in common as artists who are women, mothers, daughters, and sisters living fully with the daily-ness of art.