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The Brooklyn Art Library and FeMail

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The Brooklyn Art Library and FeMail.
April 2012

Brooklyn Art Library welcomes FeMail artists on April 17, 2012

Over April school break, Karen and I had a field trip to the Brooklyn Art Library.
Karen traveled into Manhattan on Metro North where she met Catherine and me at Grand Central station. We took the train all the way in to Brooklyn and wandered up in to the Williamsburg sunshine for a grand tour of Bedford Avenue.

We have made friends with Lori Landau through Face book and found a collaborator who is eager to have fun, make art and share her spiritual practices with us. There is so much synchronicity in our friendship with Lori and spending this spring afternoon together just brought out more of this.
Karen, Lori and I all have Sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library. We spent the afternoon pouring over each others books, looking at books by artists unknown to us, and meeting other people at the Library who had submitted Sketchbooks to the collection.
Right now, our Sketchbooks are packing their bags for a world tour.
You can find out if that tour is coming to your city by clicking here.
Mail art has been flying back and forth among the three of us since our rendezvous.
This is what Karen sent me.
Here is what I sent Karen.

This is what Lori sent to me.

I just submitted another book to the Library. I will post more about it. Today, this package is winging its way to Brooklyn via our beloved United States Postal Service.

inside cover of my Sketchbook

You might just want to have some fun with us on our Face book page here.
We post our current art projects and those of our friends.
Here is a fantastic slideshow by Wanderlust of the Brooklyn Art Library.

Keep those cards and letters coming!
K and S

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