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The FeMail Collection Bag!

Posted: October 17th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Mailroom | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on The FeMail Collection Bag!

We have a standing invitation to our FeMail readers to send us a piece of mail art and expect to get one back from us. What the heck has been going on with FeMail that we could have overlooked this commitment to our dedicated mail artists?

Yeeeeow! Life! She is flying by! Karen and I have been globetrotting, or coast trotting really.
Karen has led art workshops from the peaceful peak of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts to Linwood Gardens in western New York. I have been making art with my sisters on a small lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and with the Darling Hill International Artists’ Club from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to the Cape and back here to my kitchen in Great Barrington.

Together Karen and I hauled our art suitcase

to Manhattan to make FeMail with the Museum of Motherhood on East 84th Street. If you are interested in being involved with and supporting the only museum of it’s kind, visit M.O.M. is a social change museum focused on amplifying the voices and experiences of mothers while connecting ‘the multicultural family’. Our dear friend and FeMail enthusiast, Joy Rose,

invited us to present FeMail at the Motherhood and Creativity: Creative Leaps of Faith conference on October 3. We got to meet some of the other M.O.M. artists like Rachel Klein of MamaRocks! Designs. The conference was a mix of academic, cultural, and businesswomen sharing their perspectives on how creativity impacts their daily and professional lives. FeMail friend and marketing strategist Julia Beck moderated an inspiring panel discussion of women professionals about their personal stories. These women spoke of how infusing their corporate lives with creativity transformed their life journeys in to true passionate self expression. Students from Marymount Manhattan College attended along with many others. The women who spend time at M.O.M. are serious about celebrating all aspects of motherhood. We are dedicated to living the legacy of the women who have gone before us, standing strong in this present day as we pave the way for empowered and expressive motherhood.

Here is some of the art we made in our ‘Daily-ness of Art’ workshops that day:

There are some very exciting things happening at M.O.M. this fall. World renowned feminist,Phyllis Chesler wrote this beautiful description of what she found at M.O.M.

And, these are some of the things we have found in our Post Office Box in Canaan, New York. Keep your eyes peeled for a return response from FeMail!

Next on our calendar is the Alchemy Initiative Handmade Holiday Art Show on December 2-3 in Pittsfield, MA. We will have FeMail Bonding Collage and Mail Art Kits, handmade books, one-of-a-kind postal art and our new FeMail Art Note card sets for sale.

There is much more to tell, but we could not let this day go by without saying thank you to all our FeMail correspondents and to keep you posted on all we have cooking at FeMail.
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xoxo Suzi

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