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FeMail News

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SBB 5/25/11

Hello Mail Art Fans!

Karen and I have been so busy making mail art and all the other things we do, we have not been around to fill you in on our news.
Amy's Hands and her gorgeous cards FeMail at MOM NYC 2011

In May, Suzi presented FeMail at the Museum of Motherhood conference at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.
The highlight of the day was meeting and making art with Joy Rose, the founder of the Museum of Motherhood and bloggers Julia Beck, Amy Oztan, and Lindsey Reed Maines.
Lindsey Maines and SBB FeMail at MOM NYC 2011

We began an ongoing project with the Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) to create a mail art archive from influential mothers to be used for fund raising for M.O.M.
We will present again in the fall, in Minnesota. Stay tuned.

KAS 6:6:11 side 2347

Right now, in mid-June, Karen is in an art residency on the top of Mount Washington, at Bascom Lodge.
Take a deep breath!
Her sketch club meets up there on Tuesdays at 5pm. Karen spends 2 days every week this month, making art and exploring the terrain of this landmark in Massachusetts.

Here are both sides of her mail art sent from the heights of Mount Greylock.
KAS 6:6:11346
I am shuttling between the Laundry Line and Manhattan and my kitchen table where summer is just beginning.
There is so much good cooking here at FeMail.
We can’t wait to tell you about it.

But first, gotta pick some strawberries, buy some stamps and celebrate the Solstice!

Hugs to you all.
Find our address on this site and send us a card.
Our online gallery of mail art we receive will be premiering this summer.

All our sticky fingered love from your FeMail Sisters,

Suzi and Karen

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